Assessment variants

You will find an overview of the variants of assessments we offer below.

Selection Assessment

Is the candidate fit for this function and will he fit into the organization?

What potential does the candidate have? What needs to be done to unlock their talents?

Which qualities does the candidate have in store? What are points in need of development? How can we help them realize their development goals?

Who am I? What are my possibilities? What do I want?

Online variant. Smart HRD provides office service. Our online questionnaires will be sent to the candidate to fill in, after which we generate their results. The candidate’s management or HRM officer will provide the feedback, but we can discuss the results with them beforehand.

The 360° feedback is an online tool to give an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. The candidate rates themselves based on different competences and rolls (Belbin, Quinn, etc.). This rating is combined with feedback provided by people in their direct environment (e.g. management, colleagues, costumers), which provides insight into their strengths and weaknesses.