Our clients

Our clientele is very diverse, but shares one commonality: the desire to invest in their employees in order to improve the quality of their services and products. Our company does not operate in a specific sector. Our clientele ranges from small to large companies, from mature/static to developing companies (start-ups, scale-ups, and reorganization), and can be identified as both simple and complex.

Our clients can be found in both the profit- and non-profit sectors. The clients in the non-profit sector include educational institutions, social workplaces, housing corporations, laboratories, and small municipalities. The clients in the profit sector include business services (IT), high tech-, metal- and electrical companies, and trade- and production companies.

We also share our expertise with numerous multinationals, which is why we also operate in Germany and Belgium from time to time. Even SME’s and family-run businesses know where to find us.

Our field of expertise is as wide as it is, because of these diverse clients each having their own setting and demands, and the long-term rapport we establish with our clients enables us to create a history with them.