Our expertise extends to leadership, communication, and the development of teams. Customized programs are especially important when dealing with these subjects. Rather than having open enrollment and standardized programs, we cooperate with our clients in order to create a problem analysis which enables us to work out an appropriate answer. This means we always carry out our assignments incompany. We like to get close to our clients but remain critical as well. This means we keep asking ourselves the question: “What are our goals and how will we achieve them?”

Our expertise enables us to train and guide middle- and senior management, as well as management teams, both in profit- and non-profit organizations. We also focus on management-development/breeding grounds and guiding trainees.

Our training programs often combine assessment and coaching: assessment indicates the candidate’s developmental needs (which is important when establishing the content of the training), coaching focuses on aspects related to the individual candidate, while the training is used to address the common denominator of problems associated with the participants.

We sometimes do this outdoors, instead of in the office, as we have developed multiple outdoor-programs which can be incorporated into the training programs. These activities are perfectly capable of improving teams and leadership.