We can be quite brief when discussing the preparations for the assessment: Make sure you are well-rested, because an assessment can be quite exhausting. A large portion of our candidates look up to this day, but usually start to discover how interesting and educational an assessment is along the way. Be yourself and expect that an assessment always has value for you as it will teach you something about yourself. In the invitational e-mail we will send you, you will find, aside from practical information, an explanation about the assessment you will undertake.


We will send you a full written report carrying the results of the tests a week after the assessment at most. We will also discuss the results with you at the end of the assessment. Insight and advice will thus already be provided on the day of assessment. The report will consists of an analysis written by our advisor, and a document with the results of the assessment.


Smart HRD follows the professional code of the NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists). This means that we handle our data with care: when you indicate you don’t want your report to reach a third party, we make sure it does not happen. The full code can be found on

Smart HRD Employees

Every assessment involves Smart HRD employees: an advisor and our secretariat. The invitation to the assessment will provide the name of your advisor. This advisor will be the person you will see on the day of the assessment, and your contact after the assessment. Our secratariat will be able to help you with practicalities, such as answering your questions on the online questionnaires.

Practice as Preparation

On – the prepriatory website of the supplier of our assessments- you will find example questions and the possibility to make practice test.