HRM Advice

We like to consider numerous contemporary HR-subjects within your organization, which include:

  • Improving the process of selection. How to gain more insight into the candidates that you invite? Are your superiors able to perform on a job interview and select the right candidate, or are missteps part of the routine?
  • Involvement and the organization’s culture. How involved are your employees? Are they prepared to take an extra step? Why are they working for your organization and which part does your management play in this? We can provide you with research on the current culture within your organization.
  • Vitality and advancement-outflow: how do you keep your employees fit for their current position? How likely are your employees to continue their career in your organization? A fresh perspective is key: people sometimes require a boost from an unfamiliar party. We help organizations and employees make better and healthier choices by engaging in conversation, which could also mean a kindhearted goodbye.
  • Guiding change. Are you on the eve of a substantial change? Are you willing to work hard but your organization lacks leverage? Where to start? We like to think with you as an HR conversational partner and give advice when choices have to be made.
  • Multiple available tools. We can utilize a diverse spectrum of instruments and materials to answer questions on HR-level. This spectrum includes a mobility-indicator, a durable employability-scan, a career-scan and a leadership-questionnaire (the enumeration is inexhaustible). Ask us anything and we will examine how our tools can be utilized to help you.
  • Interim HR. A Smart HRD advisor is employable to temporarily function as HR-conversational partner within your organization as well.

We like to think along with your HR-questions. Would you like more information? Contact us through the contact form, or send an e-mail to